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My interest in Stolzenau, a small town located beside the Weser River about 46 km west-north-west of Hannover, stems from the fact that my ancestors lived there throughout the 18th, 19th,  and early 20th centuries.  It is possible that my ancestors may have lived in this region in earlier centuries too - Jews have lived in Germany since the time of the Roman Empire.  But so far, I have not been able to determine my family history before 1700.

I visited Stolzenau in 1996 and photographed most of the gravestones in the Jewish cemetery.  By translating the the Hebrew gravestone inscriptions, and studying archival records from the State Archive in Hannover, I was able to construct the family trees of most of the Jews who were resident in Stolzenau in the 19th century.  In the cemetery, I was able to find gravestones of my own ancestors going back seven generations.  I am directly related to the Goldschmidt, Hildesheimer, and Hammerschlag families, and also related by marriage to several other families.

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Norman Streat, Vancouver, Canada


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Descendant Charts (Family Trees)

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·         BLUMENFELD family

·         ELLE family

·         GOLDSCHMIDT Family


·         LINNEMANN Family

·         LIPMANN Family

·         LÖWENSTEIN Family

·         WEINBERG Family

Text Files

History of the Jews of Stolzenau by Norman Streat

History of the Jews of Stolzenau by Dr. Fritz Goldschmidt (in English – or see German original below)

Beitrag zur Geschichte der Judengemeinden im ehemaligen hannoverschen Kreis Stolzenau – Dr. Fritz Goldschmidt


History of the Jews of Stolzenau from a brochure “Stolzenau im Zentrum”


While the following list of names is far from complete, I would like to acknowledge just a few of the people who provided me with invaluable assistance in preparing the information contained in these pages:

·         Günter Schmidt-Bollmann of Bremen, Germany

·         Bernd-Wilhelm Linnemeier of Münster, Germany

·         Robert Lipman of Bethesda, Maryland, USA

·         Vera Hildesheimer of Chicago, Illinois, USA (deceased)

·         Lore Streat (née Goldschmidt) of London, England (deceased)

·         Grete Weinberg (née Goldschmidt) of Freiburg, Germany (deceased)

·         Relatives of the late Dr. Fritz Goldschmidt of New York, NY, USA