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The picture above, taken around 1900, shows Henry Davenport BISHOP (1846–1911) and his wife Maria Augusta BARNES (b. 1848) with their seven children: Emily, Philip, George, Albert, Walter, Gertrude and Augusta. 


Henry Davenport BISHOP was one of nine children of John Skynner Egerton BISHOP (1816-1889) and his wife Emily Davenport HUNTER (1919-1978). 


One of Henry Davenport’s brothers, Dr. Sydney Olive BISHOP, died in 1917 and bequeathed his estate to his brothers.  The proceeds of this estate were still being distributed in the early 2000s.



Descendant Chart of John Skynner Egerton BISHOP (1816-1889)

This password-protected link leads to an illustrated Family Tree that shows 7 generations of John Skynner Egerton BISHOP’s descendants down to the present day. 


Bishop Genealogical account printed in 1877

This link leads to a 69-page PDF document.  It covers 22 generations of this family from the earliest ancestor who was alive in the year 1280, to the descendants who were alive in 1877.   



The GEDCOM file Bishop1877.GED contains all the genealogical data in the 1877 document. One can import this file into any genealogy software that accepts GEDCOM files. For instructions on how to get this file, click on the link above. 


Bishop Heraldry

This link leads to a four-page document about the heraldic shields and crests of the BISHOP family, as described in the 1877 document.


Bishop Family History by Victor Bishop

This six-page document was written by Victor Bishop of Stratford-Upon-Avon, who was the executor of Dr. Sydney Olive Bishop’s estate.

Click here to read a letter written by Victor Bishop in the spring of 2003 to the beneficiaries of S.O. Bishop informing them that a website about the family had been created. 


Noteworthy People

This link contains more detailed information about certain individuals in this family.


Links to other Bishop family web sites

This link contains information about other Bishop family websites that can be found on the internet.



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