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To all those named in Dr SO BISHOP Will Trust distribution statement @ 12/3/97

We are all related.  Our most recent common ancestor was JOHN SKYNNER EGERTON BISHOP who was born in January 1816.   Sidney Olive was one of his nine children.  We are all descended from one of his four brothers.

John Skynner was descended from JOHN BYSSHOP the earliest recorded male ancestor of the family, named in the Heralds Visitations in November 1400.  We have a genealogical history of the family, originally prepared in 1877, but subsequently updated.

There are a lot of us.  There were 134 names on the March 1997 distribution list; several have died since, but more new  ‘Bishops’ have been born.  

We are scattered all over the world – about half in Australia, about one fifth each in South Africa and the UK and a dozen in North America.

In short, we are an interesting family and we are probably interested in knowing more about each other; the web site will give us an opportunity to do so.  

We can see it at http://pony.techctr.bcit.ca/Bishopdft/ 

The web site has been started but it is still ‘work in progress’.  Whether it progresses or not depends on you.  It can only progress first if you contribute personal information and second if you visit the site.

Yours sincerely,


Victor Bishop

This is an edited copy of the letter sent by Victor Bishop in April 2003.   Below are links to the responses that have been received so far.



Responses have been received from:


Richard Baird (Sydney, Australia)

Leah Hardy (Newcastle, Australia)

Dr. Rod Bishop (Sydney, Australia)


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