Genealogical Account of the Bysshop/Bishop Family printed in 1877


A genealogical account of the Bysshop/Bishop family was printed for private distribution in 1877.  This book is referred to as the “1877 Bishop Genealogy” on this website. 


The document does not give author’s name, but from the content, it is evident that he or she was an accomplished genealogist with an extensive knowledge of heraldry.  It was probably commissioned by one of the Bishop family members who was alive in 1877, and the person who carried out the study used the resources of the Heralds’ College in London. It traces ancestors who bear the family name Bishop/Bisshop/Bysshop back to John Bysshop, who was alive in 1400, and even further back through female lines to Sir William de Eynesford who was alive in the year 1280. 


A copy of this book (69 pages, including appendices) can be viewed or downloaded here, as a PDF file.




Other Bishop descendants also have copies of this “1877 Bishop Genealogy”.  For example, a version can be viewed at the following URL:


This second version of the book states that it was reprinted in 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri.  At first sight, the second version appears to be the same as the first version.  But there is a significant difference.  The first version contains two pages inserted between pages 30 and 31 (numbered 30* and 30**) that are absent in second version.  These supplementary pages are important because they contain information about the descendants of John Bishop of Kingsclere, who is first mentioned on Page 19 of the book, as follows:


"JOHN of Kingsclere, Co. Hants; bap. 29 August, 1763; died s.p. February 1845". 


Died s.p. means he died "sine prole", i.e died without issue.  Yet on pages 30* and 30** the book lists the descendants of John BISHOP of Kingsclere who died 14 February, 1845. Evidently, the statement that he “died s.p.” is an error.  Possibly the supplementary pages were added in this way because the information about this branch of the family came to the attention of the book's author at a very late stage, after the type for the other pages had already been set up by the printer.  This may have been the most expeditious way to include it.