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A photograph of my grandfather Leo Goldschmidt and family outside his store at the corner of Langestrasse and Am Markt, Stolzenau (c. 1910).


Norman Streat’s Family History

1.    Maternal

·        Leo Goldschmidt’s Descendants (password protected)

·        Leo and Dina Goldschmidt’s Ancestors

·        Leo and Dina Goldschmidt’s Siblings

·         Goldschmidt Photo Album (up to 1939)

·         Earliest Ancestors – The Senger Family of Bückeburg



2.   Paternal


·        Strietzel Family History

·        Reissmann Family History


3.   Jewish Cemeteries and Former Communities in Northern Germany


·        Stolzenau Cemetery

·        Schlüsselburg Cemetery

·        Barsinghausen Cemetery

·        Bassum Cemetery


4.   Other


·        Historic Photos of Stolzenau

·        The Levy and Levisohn Families of Hohenbostel and Barsinghausen [NS1] 



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