Historic Photos of Stolzenau

The following collection of  historic photos of Stolzenau was originally published on the web in 2001 by Reiner Heinecke.  He was a resident of Stolzenau with a keen interest in local history, and when I became aware of the website I corresponded with him.  He was very friendly, and provided me with information about the houses where my ancestors used to live. 


Besides information on local history, Reiner Heinecke’s website contained other information about Multiple Sclerosis, which led me to believe that he suffered from the disease.  I did not remain in contact with him after 2001, and I do not know what has happened to him.  The original website is no longer online, and I wonder whether he is now deceased. 


My particular interest in Stolzenau has been on the history of its Jewish inhabitants, and except for one photograph (to see it, click on the “Market” photo below) there are no other photographs in this collection that specifically illustrate the presence of Jews in the town in the 19th or early 20th centuries.  There is no picture of the synagogue that once existed.  However, many of the street scenes, especially those from the centre of town, show houses that at one time were owned by Jewish inhabitants.  As one browses through the pictures one can sense how Stolzenau and its surroundings would have looked in the days when Jews lived there. 


This collection also includes some photos that were taken during the Hitler period, and to a Jew, these evoke uncomfortable feelings.  Nonetheless, they are part of history.  It must be acknowledged that Germany today is no longer the way it was in those dark days.


To see the original web home page of this photo collection, in German, created by Reiner Heinecke, go to the following link.    

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Weser River



Steinhuder Meer Railway


Estate on Krumme Straße 

Church and Steeple

Windmills and Mill Pond

Fire Brigade 

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Town Hall at the Market


View from the Market - Bahnhofstraße

Weserstraße with District Council Building

Lange Straße to Schulstraße

 Schulstraße, Jungfernstieg

Lange Straße to Winkelmann

Lange Straße to Hilker

 Cattle Gate (Lange Straße)

 U.d. Friedenseichen, Nachbarstraßen

 Hohe Straße to Schulstraße

Hohe Straße above Schulstraße

Thalstraße / behind Dahle

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Allee, Schinnaer Weg, Nebenstraßen