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Schlüsselburg is a village located approx. 5 km south of Stolzenau, near Hannover, Germany.  My ancestors lived in Stolzenau throughout the 18th, 19th,  and early 20th centuries.  To see the web pages I created following my visit to the Jewish Cemetery in Stolzenau in 1996, click here.

I visited the Jewish Cemetery in Schlüsselburg in 2013 and photographed all the gravestones.  I was particularly interested in the graves of the Hildesheimer family members who are buried in this cemetery, since they are related to me.  The following pages show photographs and transcriptions of the Hebrew and German gravestone inscriptions. 

This web site is a work in progress.  If you find its contents interesting and wish to contact me (ich kann auch Deutsch lesen), my e-mail address is:


Norman Streat, Vancouver, Canada


Schlüsselburg Cemetery Pages


The links below lead to individual pages for each of the 38 gravestones in this cemetery, showing:



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Descendant Charts (Family Trees)

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·         HILDESHEIMER family of Schlüsselburg.  This descendant chart does not include the names of living descendants.



The following people provided me with invaluable assistance in preparing the information contained in these pages:

·         Wolfgang Battermann of Petershagen, Germany