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The picture above, taken around 1910, shows Dr. Robert MILNE Sr. (1849–1922) and his wife Mary Stuart THOMSON (1854-1925) with eight of their children.   An earlier picture of the family, below, taken around 1897, shows the family with nine children. 



Their third son William, about 10 years old, reclining at the bottom left of the 1897 picture, died in 1904.  This picture, originally in black and white, has been colorized.


Both pictures have been labelled with names.  The children, in order of age, are James, Robert, Margaret, Elsie, William, Clementina (‘Tina’), Mary, George, and Ella.  James, the oldest, was a man of small stature.


The father, Robert Sr., as well as sons James, Robert and George all became doctors.  Mary, the fourth daughter. became a distinguished nurse and was decorated with the OBE (Order of the British Empire).  Robert Sr., James, Robert and Mary at some point in their careers, all served on the Council of Barnardo’s, a British charity that was established in 1866 (and continues to the present day) to care for vulnerable children.


Dr. Robert MILNE Sr. was the second of five children of James MILNE (1809-1875), a farmer, and his wife Elspet GORDON (1813-1879). 




·        Descendant Chart of James MILNE (1809-1875)

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  • Ancestors of Robert MILNE and Mary Stuart THOMSON 


·        Noteworthy People

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