From: "Rod Bishop" <>

To: <>

Cc: "richard baird" <>

Subject: RE: Family Tree

Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 22:58:26 +1000


Dear Norman


I have just found out about the family tree web site from my nephew Richard Baird. I'm not sure why I didn't get the mail from Victor as I was a benefactor from SO Bishop's will. I am Roderick Owen Bishop, Peter's son as correctly identified on the tree. Born 14th June 1957 in Sydney. I am an Emergency Physician and currently the director of the emergency department of Nepean Hospital, one of Sydney's major metropolitan teaching hospitals. I am married to Margaret Anne Wallen (DOB 20th June 1962). Margaret has kept her maiden name and we have included her maiden name as the middle name of both our daughters. We were married on 10th October 1987. Our two daughters are Madeleine Wallen Bishop (please note the spelling) and Helen Wallen Bishop - Richard has given you their DOBs. (You might have noticed a few repeating dates in the DOB's - they are correct - I share a birthday with my father whilst my wife, Margaret and my sister Phillippa's husband, Doug shared birthdays. it makes remembering dates a lot easier!)


My father has produced a genealogical history of the Bishop family, which he compiled in 1990 (or rather wrote up then - the info was compiled over 50 years) with help from Victor who he acknowledges in the preamble. It is bound, but I think only a few copies were printed of which I have one. It was produced on an old word processor (the closest dad has come to the PC age) so it is not in electronic format unfortunately.  It includes copies from the 1877 publication.


Best wishes




PS - Ernest John Hunter Bishop (my grandfather) was born 8th June 1877. Died  9th November 1960