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I am writing in response to your letter. I have visited the web site and have some details for the Peter Orlebar Bishop of Australia side of the family.


I can also email pictures if you like.


Peter Orlebar was born 14th June 1917 and is still going strong.  He is married to Hilare Holmes b 1920, who is also still going strong.  Peter's first daughter Phillippa was born 20th November 1943 and married to Douglas Kevin Baird b 20th June 1940, d 16th November 1995.  Roderick also born 14th June 1957 (his father's 40th birthday).


Roderick has two daughters Madeleine Bishop b 1995 and Helen Bishop b1998.  Roderick is married to Margaret Wallen.  Richard Baird (myself) is married to Jeannine Hopkins (8th July 1975) and we have 1 daughter Grace Elodie Baird (b 10th March 2000).  Mark Baird is married to Virginia Birch and they have 1 daughter Miriam Hope Baird born 24th April 2003 (very recent news).


Thank-you for your work I find it very interesting


Yours Faithfully


Richard Baird




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Dear Norman,


Great to get your email, and I can see that it is you that have done the work on the web site so thank-you.


My grandfather Peter O Bishop has indeed written a family history that borrowed very heavily I believe on your wife's uncles work.  With the contact due to the will of Sydney Olive Bishop he found Victor and they met in England (I need to confirm this point). He used Victor's research to go back to all the Richard Bishop's and then added from his own research on his closer relatives. I shall try and scan in relevant pages and send it to you.


Peter O Bishop himself is a very interesting person and famous Australian scientist.  A Professor of Physiology at Sydney University and the Australian National University, he was awarded the Australia prize which is the highest honour that Australia bestows on scientists and is a Fellow of the Royal Society in England.


Below is a link to an interview he gave in 1996. He mentions Herbert Orlebar Bishop his grandfather, who arrived in Australia in 1870.


My brother Mark Edward Baird is also a scientist.  You will be able to tell from the photo he is much younger, and has his own web site as well


My Father, Douglas Kevin Baird, husband of Phillippa Leslie Bishop (daughter of Peter Bishop), is also an interesting character, having been a Heart Surgeon and Chairman of a major teaching hospital's board and on the senate of the University of Sydney for a short time. On the 20th June, his birthday, there is the launch of an institute in his name for research into Heart and Lung Surgery Techniques.  It is to be opened by the Governor of NSW. Sadly Dad passed away at the relative young age of 55 from liver cancer in 1995.


The institute has a web site that is just being set up:


His Eulogy was written by a high profile Judge and friend and can be found at the following site to give more history on dad:


You might gather a leaning toward medicine in the family.  In fact Roderick Bishop, my uncle is an emergency room director in a major Sydney Hospital having spent most of his career so far in Emergency Medicine, his wife Margaret an Occupational therapist, Louise my sister is a first year out of university doctor and Virginia, married to my brother Mark, is a third year medical student already with a PhD in Pharmacology and an honours degree in Medical Science. Add to that Phillippa Leslie and Hilare (Peter's wife) were nurses.


Myself, I am an Electrical Engineer working for a pharmaceutical company, Baxter Healthcare.



Richard Baird