Sir William de EYNESFORD


1250 - 1284


Arms of Sir William d’EYLESFORD

The earliest ancestor in the 1877 Bishop Genealogy is found in a family tree on page 34.  An excerpt from this tree is shown below:


According to this, the earliest ancestor is Sir William de Eynesford, of Burton, in the county of Northamptonshire (in the East Midlands of England).  He was alive in the year 1280, during the reign of King Edward I.  The name of his spouse is not known.  He had two sons: Richard de Eynesford and Sir Gerard De Eynesford.


A recent search of the internet produced the following website:


It says that Sir William d' Eylesford was born ~1250 at Burton; he married Christiana Furnival, daughter of Sir Gerard Furnival and his wife Isabel, ~1275; they had two sons, Sir Gerard d’Eylesford born ~1276, died ~1324, and Richard d’Eylesford, born ~1278.  His father was William d’Eylesford (Eynesford) born ~1224, died ~1296, and his mother was Christiana de Burghill born ~1228, died ~1272.  Sources for this information are cited.


From this, one can reasonably conclude that Sir William de Eynesford and Sir William d’Eylesford are the same person.  The more recent website gives us his date of birth (1250), the name of his wife (Christiana), the date of their marriage, and the names and dates of his parents.


Burton is today known as the town of Burton Latimer in the County of Northamptonshire.  In the 13th century the Manor at Burton was known as Aylesford Manor.  Another website records that the owner of the Manor at Burton, Gerard de Furnival, gave it to his elder daughter Christina, the wife of William de Aylesford or Eylesford.


Data found on Ancestry gives the date of Sir William d’Eylesford’s death as 1284.