Born: 2 Apr 1592 at Holway, Dorset

Died: 1 Oct 1658 at St. Dustanís-in-the-East, London


Holway Manor House, Cattistock, Dorset


South Warnborough Manor, Hampshire

Richard BISSHOP (1592-1658) was the eldest son and heir of William Bisshop and his wife Alice Dunning of Holway Manor, Cattistock, Dorset.† William and Alice had 11 children, 4 daughters and seven sons.† Their youngest son was John Bishop who migrated to the American colonies.


An internet search for Holway Manor revealed that the property comprised about 1,000 acres and several buildings.† The black and white picture above is the only picture that was found of the Manor House, and its filename bears a date, 1792.† We do not know whether this is, in fact, the Ancient Manor House at Holway, or another building.††


Richard was born at Holway in 1592.† In 1625 he married Mary Walcot, daughter of Humfrey Walcot, at St. Dunstan's-in-the-East, London and this is where he lived after his marriage.† They had four children, two sons (John and William) and two daughters (Mary and Bridget).† Richardís father died in 1638, yet it is recorded that Richard BISSHOP acquired the Manor of South Warnborough, Hampshire three years earlier, in 1635.† Presumably, he had the means to make such a purchase from money he received from his wifeís family.†††††


The picture above of the Manor House at South Warnborough is from the internet.† This is how the building looks today.†


It is recorded that Richard BISSHOP was Sherriff of South Warnborough in 1647 and he served in the office as Sergeant of Arms in ordinary to the House of Commons, as did his son and grandson later.† He also advanced moneys to the king in aid of the Royal cause.† There is, or was until 1877, amongst the family papers, a letter from King Charles to Richard BISSHOP, acknowledging a loan, and thanking him for his efforts in support of the Royal cause.† One can conclude that Richard BISSHOP would have been a supporter of the Cavaliers in the English Civil War.


On his death in 1658, Richard BISSHOP departed from the usual tradition of leaving the major portion of his estates to his eldest son.† He left his property at Holway to his son Richard Bishop and his property at South Warnborough to his son William Bishop.


An abstract of Richard BISSHOPís will can be viewed here.