Reverend John BISHOP

Born at Holway Manor, Cattistock, Dorset, England. 

Baptized: 3 May 1610

Died: 16 Nov 1694 at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut


Memorial to Rev. John Bishop in Stamford, Connecticut

John BISHOP was the seventh and youngest son of William Bisshop of Cattistock in the county of Dorset, England.  John was born in the year 1610 and educated at Baliol College Oxford.  He received a BA degree in 1630 and an MA degree in 1635. 


According to the traditions of the English aristocracy, only the eldest son inherits the family’s title and estates.  Younger sons have to seek their own fortune elsewhere.  William Bisshop died in 1639, and the ownership of Holway Manor passed to his eldest son, Richard Bishop.  Thus, in the year 1640, John Bishop sailed to the New World to join the colonists in New England. 


Initially, he became a schoolmaster at Taunton, Massachusetts.  In 1644, having completed his studies for the ministry, he moved to Stamford, Connecticut to serve as minister to the First Congregational Church there. John Bishop married Rebecca Goodyear in Stamford, and had eight sons and two daughters. After Rebecca’s death he married Joanna Boyce.  He served the First Congregational church for fifty years through many difficult and trying times in the Colonies. He died in 1694 at the age of 84, a much respected and beloved clergyman.