Leo & Dina Goldschmidt’s

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Dina & Leo Goldschmidt


Leo GOLDSCHMIDT (1868-1936) was the oldest of 11 children born to Isaac GOLDSCHMIDT (1828-1901) and his wife Fanny NACHMANN (1844-1909).  Isaac and Fanny lived in Stolzenau, a small town beside the Weser river, about 46 km west-north-west of the city of Hannover in northern Germany.  In the late 19th century Stolzenau had ~1,700 inhabitants, of which (at most) ~100 were Jews (~6%).  Today, Stolzenau’s population is about 7,500. 


Leo’s wife, Dina LEVY (1872-1919) was the third child of 4 children born to Nachmann LEVY (1829-1903) and his wife Johanne MEYER (1840-1910).  Nachmann and Johanne lived in Hohenbostel, a village close to the small town of Barsinghausen, about 20 km south-west of the city of Hannover.  In 1905 Hohenbostel had 924 inhabitants of which 4 were Jews, and Barsinghausen had 4,900 inhabitants of which 45 were Jews (~1%).  Today, Barsinghausen has a population of ~39,000 and is a suburb of the city of Hannover.


Leo & Dina were married in 1899.  After Isaac’s death in 1901 they inherited his dry goods store located in the centre of Stolzenau.  Around 1911 they decided to leave Stolzenau and move to Hohenbostel (Dina’s birthplace), where they took over the house and general store previously owned by Nachmann Levy. 


Links below lead to ancestor charts for Leo and Dina going back 5 generations, and individual pages for each of Leo’s and Dina’s siblings and their descendants. Only one of Leo’s siblings (Julius GOLDSCHMIDT), and one of Dina’s siblings (Siegfried LEVY), have descendants living today.  For privacy reasons, detailed information about living descendants has not been included in the following web pages.


After Dina’s early death in 1919, Leo married again, in 1921.  His second wife was Irma APPEL (1880-1973).



Ancestor Charts


Ancestor Chart of Leo GOLDSCHMIDT

This link leads to a PDF document showing 5 generations of Leo GOLDSCHMIDT’s ancestors (where known), going back to the 17th century. 


Ancestor Chart of Dina LEVY

This link leads to a PDF document showing 5 generations of Dina LEVY’s ancestors (where known), going back to the 17th century. 






Leo GOLDSCHMIDT’s Siblings:


Gustav GOLDSCHMIDT (1869-1940)

Julius GOLDSCHMIDT (1870-1922)

Harry GOLDSCHMIDT (1872-1896) – died young

Max GOLDSCHMIDT (1873-1893) – died young

Rosa GOLDSCHMIDT (1875-1927)

Jenni GOLDSCHMIDT (1877-1942) - died in Holocaust

Ella GOLDSCHMIDT (1878-1943) - died in Holocaust

Ida GOLDSCHMIDT (1880-1943) - died in Holocaust

Semmy GOLDSCHMIDT (1882-1944) - died in Holocaust

Berta GOLDSCHMIDT (1889-1942) - died in Holocaust


Dina LEVY’s Siblings:


Hermann LEVY (1868-1870) – died young

Julius LEVY (1870-~1910)

Siegfried LEVY (1882-1942) - died in Holocaust




Additional Pages

Leo GOLDSCHMIDT (1868-1936)

Dina LEVY (1872-1919)

Irma APPEL (1880-1973)

Nachmann LEVY (1829-1903)



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The author of this web page is Leo and Dina’s grandson:

Norman Streat

Vancouver, Canada